Mindfulness Meditations Collection

Mindfulness Meditations Collection

Use this library of mindfulness meditations to build and guide your personal mindfulness practice.

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Mindfulness Meditations Collection
  • Intro to Mindfulness Meditation

    Learn basic basics about mindfulness meditation and principles to keep in mind during mindfulness meditation practices.

  • Observing Your Breath Mindfulness Practice

    Guided meditation of observing your breath.

  • Counting the Breath Mindfulness Practice

    Guided mindfulness practice of counting the breath.

  • Mindfulness of Sounds

    Mindfulness practice to observe the sounds around you without judgment or analysis.

  • Noticing the Pauses While Breathing

    This mindfulness practice will guide you to observe the pauses at the top of the inhales and the pauses at the bottom of the exhales.

  • Conveyor Belt Mindfulness Practice

    Guided meditation visualizing the mind as a conveyor belt.

  • Body Scan Mindfulness Practice

    Guided mindfulness practice where you will be guided through observing the body starting at the feet and moving up to the head.

  • Five Bodies Mindfulness Meditation

    Mindfulness practice where you will be guided through the physical body, energy body, emotional body, intellectual body, and soul body.

  • Loving Kindness Meditation

    Listen to the guided loving kindness meditation to bring more loving kindness and compassion to yourself and others. This practice is helpful for helping to generate positivity and reduce emotional suffering.

  • Anxiety Dissolver Mindfulness Meditation

    Gently and compassionately release anxiety. Let your nervous system regulate and breath to guide you to greater calm.

  • Radical Acceptance Meditation

    This meditation may be helpful if you find yourself getting stuck in thinking something is unfair, not right, or shouldn't be that way. Use this Radical Acceptance Meditation to help you move towards accepting your reality and practicing willingness to do what's needed in your reality. When we ...

  • New! Self-Esteem Building Meditation

    Listen to this mindfulness meditation to help boost self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love. Use this practice regularly to continue to improve the relationship with yourself.

  • New! Movement Meditation

    Want to try to experience more mindfulness in your body? Or, do you experience difficulty with still meditation? If so, try out this movement meditation. Connecting to our body through movement can be a great way to stay present and practice mindfulness. This brief and simple movement meditatio...