Interpersonal Effectiveness & Communication

Interpersonal Effectiveness & Communication

Learn how to communicate effectively to ask for what you want and need. Learn how to use interpersonal skills to balance your life.

Interpersonal Effectiveness & Communication
  • Intro to Interpersonal effectiveness

    Welcome to the DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness module! This video provides an introduction to what you will learn and also some questions to contemplate regarding you and your relationships.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness - All Worksheets and Handouts

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    This document contains all of the Interpersonal Effectiveness Worksheets and Handouts.

  • Situations for Interpersonal Effectiveness

    Numerous situations in our lives call for interpersonal effectiveness skills. This video discusses various aspects when you may need to interact with others to create balance in your life.

    Situations include: Balancing Priorities vs. Demands, Wants vs Should, Building and Keeping Relationshi...

  • Factors Interfering with Interpersonal Effectiveness

    Many factors may get in the way of being effective interpersonally. Understanding factors that get in the way for you is an important way to identify what its getting in the way and then to be able to devise a plan to move forward and become more effective. This video discusses some common fact...

  • Interpersonal Questions Worksheet

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  • Interpersonal Myths and Limiting Beliefs Handout

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  • Goals of Interpersonal Interactions

    Learn to identify what is most important in an interaction: getting an objective met, the relationship, or your self-respect. Learn about Objective, Relationship, and Self-Respect Effectiveness.

  • DEAR MAN: Asking for Something or Saying No

    Effectively being able to ask assertively for what you want or need and saying no to requests is important for living an empowered and fulfilling life. DEAR MAN is a DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness skill that is a formula for asking for something or saying no to an unwanted request. This approa...

  • DEAR Man Role Play

    Watch this example of how to use DEAR MAN effectively.

  • DEAR MAN Script Worksheet

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    Use this worksheet to plan your DEAR MAN script. Once completed, practice saying the DEAR MAN out loud. Also imagine saying it in your mind. The more you practice, the more natural it will feel when you use it in real life.

  • GIVE: Relationship Effectiveness

    In DBT, we use the GIVE skills during an interpersonal interaction when the relationship with the other person is important. GIVE skills are important for strengthening a relationship. Use GIVE skills during an interaction when the relationships is important to you so that the other person is m...

  • DEAR MAN & GIVE Script Worksheet

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  • Validation

    Validation is a skill taught in DBT and is one of the most important things you can do to improve your relationship with others and yourself. It acknowledges through words and behavior that what yourself or someone else feels makes sense, is understandable, and worthy of your time and attention.

  • Validation Worksheet

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  • FAST: Self-Respect Effectiveness

    Watch this video to learn how to use the FAST skills to build or maintain your self-respect during interpersonal interactions.

  • DEAR-MAN GIVE & FAST Worksheet

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  • Intensity in Interactions, Factors to Consider

    To be more effective interpersonally, it may be helpful to take a thoughtful look at how intensely you approach interactions where you are asking for something or saying no to something. There are many factors to consider when deciding the most effective intensity to use in an interaction, which...

  • Factors to Consider for Evaluating Intensity PDF

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  • The Dime Game: Evaluating Intensity

    Use the Dime Game to determine the most effective intensity to use when asking for something or saying no to something. Watch this video go guide you in how to use The Dime Game PDF.

  • The Dime Game Worksheet

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    The Dime Game is a helpful tool to use to determine the most effective level of intensity to use when asking for something or saying no to an unwanted request. Refer to The Dime Game video for guidance in how to use this worksheet.

  • Finding Balance: Dialectics

    Learn how to use dialectical thinking to create greater balance in your life and improve relationships. From "DBT Skills .

  • Increasing Behaviors that You Want

    Learn how to use reinforcement to increase behaviors that you want more of in yourself and others. Learn positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and shaping.

    Positive Reinforcement: Something rewarding is added when a behavior occurs, which increases the likelihood that the behavior wi...

  • Decreasing Unwanted Behaviors

    Learn how to use behaviorism principles to decrease unwanted behaviors in yourself and others.

  • Ending Unhealthy Relationships

    Learn how to deal with unhealthy interfering and destructive relationships. Learn how to end an unhealthy relationship if necessary.