Start Here: Foundational Videos

Start Here: Foundational Videos

Watch these videos to develop a solid foundation for the rest of the videos on the platform.

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Start Here: Foundational Videos
  • Identifying Your Goals for the Program

    Watch this video to help guide you in identifying your goals and what you would like to accomplish by starting this program. This is a helpful exercise to do when you first begin the program and is helpful to return back to periodically to assess your progress and to reconnect to your "whys" for...

  • Using Your Strengths

    Recognizing and using your strengths is a great way to move your life in positive directions. Watch this video to be guided in how to recognize your strengths and use them in your journey towards creating the life you want to live.

  • Wise Mind

    Learn how to find Wise Mind from DBT. Learn to recognize when you are Reasonable Mind and Emotion Mind as well.

  • Finding Balance: Dialectics

    Learn how to use dialectical thinking to create greater balance in your life and improve relationships. From "DBT Skills .

  • Validation

    Validation is a skill taught in DBT and is one of the most important things you can do to improve your relationship with others and yourself. It acknowledges through words and behavior that what yourself or someone else feels makes sense, is understandable, and worthy of your time and attention.

  • "What" Mindfulness Skills

    Learn the "What" skills of mindfulness: Observe, Describe, Participate.

  • "How" Mindfulness Skills

    Learn how to practice mindfulness with the the DBT "How" skills: One-Mindfully, Non-judgmental Stance, Effectively.