Building Self-Esteem

Building Self-Esteem

Building Self-Esteem
  • Introduction to Building Self-Esteem

    Get an overview of the Building Self-Esteem Series, which will teach you practices from DBT Skills and Mindfulness to improve your self-esteem and build a healthier relationship with yourself.

  • New! Self-Practices to Build Self-Esteem

    Building Self-Esteem by how you talk to yourself and relate to yourself.

    How is the relationship with yourself? Are you a friend or foe to yourself? Want to feel more confident and improve the relationship with yourself? The way we feel about and treat ourselves can have a profound impact on ...

  • Build Confidence & Reduce Social Anxiety to Build Self-Esteem

    Do you struggle to feel confident socially? Do you find yourself feeling anxious or insecure when you interact with others? Social anxiety is a common struggle that many people face and it usually involves feeling fearful of rejection and not good enough around others. Not feeling confident socia...

  • New! Setting Limits and Assertiveness with Others to Build Self-Esteem

    Often, people with low self-esteem have difficult setting healthy limits, being assertive, and prioritizing themselves. Watch this video to learn how to improve self-esteem and self-respect by being more assertive and setting limits with others. Learn how to use the DBT Skill of Opposite Action t...

  • DEAR MAN: Asking for Something or Saying No

    Effectively being able to ask assertively for what you want or need and saying no to requests is important for living an empowered and fulfilling life. DEAR MAN is a DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness skill that is a formula for asking for something or saying no to an unwanted request. This approa...

  • Using Your Strengths

    Recognizing and using your strengths is a great way to move your life in positive directions. Watch this video to be guided in how to recognize your strengths and use them in your journey towards creating the life you want to live.

  • Importance of Self-Care

    Self-care is emotional hygiene. It helps us to maintain or create emotional balance and can help to keep emotional problems from getting worse. Especially during difficult times, self-care is an essential practice to enhance your wellbeing and to be as effective as possible.

  • The Importance of Self-Validation

    Telling yourself, "don't feel sad," doesn't change that you are feeling sad. Learning how to validate and hold compassionate space for your emotions is a much more effective (and kind) approach. Self-validation helps your the emotional part of your brain to begin to quiet so that you can then m...

  • Building Mastery and Coping Ahead

    Learn the DBT Skills of Building Mastery and Coping Ahead. Build competence by doing things to increase mastery. Learn to cope ahead for difficult situations to be able to be prepared to act effectively.

  • New! Self-Esteem Building Meditation

    Listen to this mindfulness meditation to help boost self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love. Use this practice regularly to continue to improve the relationship with yourself.

  • Yoga for Inner Strength and Confidence

    True inner strength in confidence is a balance of strength with flexibility. We need to experience a solid and strong foundation to support us and also enough softness and flexibility to bend and adapt as needed in body, mind, and life.