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  • Jones Mindful Living Trailer

    View trailer for Jones Mindful Living. Learn basic information about this platform.

  • Introduction to Jones Mindful Living

    4 videos

    Welcome to Jones Mindful Living! Learn about Jones Mindful Living and how it can help you to create more emotional balance, healthy relationships, and a life of meaning and value.

    Get started right away to enhance your life by watching the free video on "Five Ways to Create a More Fulfilling ...

  • Start Here: Foundational Videos

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    Watch these videos to develop a solid foundation for the rest of the videos on the platform.

  • Newly Released Content

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    View the latest videos and handouts.

  • Free Resource: Finding Balance during COVID-19

    18 videos

    Free Resource! All videos in this collection can be viewed without subscription.

    The challenges of COVID-19 can make us feel out of balance. If you are struggling, you aren't alone! This collection was created to help you learn ways to improve emotional balance and be your most effective self...