Basic Information & New Content

Basic Information & New Content

Basic Information & New Content
  • Jones Mindful Living Introduction

    View trailer for Jones Mindful Living. Learn basic information about this platform.

  • JML Overview for New Subscribers

    Watch this video to learn how to navigate Jones Mindful Living.

  • Introduction to Jones Mindful Living

    11 items

    Welcome to Jones Mindful Living! Learn about Jones Mindful Living and how it can help you to create more emotional balance, healthy relationships, and a life of meaning and value.

    Get started right away to enhance your life by watching the free video on "Five Ways to Create a More Fulfilling ...

  • Weekly Live DBT Skills Classes (current)

    159 items

    Watch replays of previous weekly live sessions. Also, Download the PDFs and Worksheets for each week!

    Live sessions take place every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm EST. Please join us! However, if you can't make it, watch the live here.

  • All Handouts and Worksheets

    49 items

    Find all Jones Mindful Living Handouts and Worksheets here! Worksheets are also located within the collections with the videos for which they are linked.

  • Mindfulness Meditations Collection

    17 items

    Use this library of mindfulness meditations to build and guide your personal mindfulness practice.

  • Crisis Survival Skills

    20 items

    Learn effective ways to cope with intense emotions without using problematic coping behaviors such as emotional eating, using substances, or other coping mechanisms that lead to negative consequences.

  • Start Here: Foundational Videos

    7 items

    Watch these videos to develop a solid foundation for the rest of the videos on the platform.