Weekly Live Replays

Weekly Live Replays

Watch replays of previous weekly live sessions! Live sessions take place every Friday at 12pm EST. Please join us! However, if you can't make it, watch the live here.

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Weekly Live Replays
  • Live Replay 4/9/21: Crisis Survival Skills, Part One

    Watch the replay from the live where we discussed Crisis Survival Skills. In this live session, we discussed when to use Crisis Survival Skills, Wise Mind ACCEPTS, TIPP, STOP, and Urge Management.

  • Live Replay 4/2/21: Distress Tolerance Week One

    In this live session, we begin to discuss the Distress Tolerance Module. We discussed reasons for tolerating distress, the two sets of skills in the module, and we take a deep dive into radical acceptance.

  • Live Replay 3/26/21 Diving Deeper into Mindfulness

    Watch the replay of our live session where we took a deeper dive into mindfulness. We discussed how to bring mindfulness into your daily life, the seven attitudes of mindfulness, loving kindness, and a mindfulness from a spiritual perspective perspective.

  • Live Replay 3/19/21: DBT Three Minds, part 2

    Watch the live replay where we discussed more about the three mind states: Emotion Mind, Reasonable Mind, and Wise Mind. During this live, we focused on how to shift out of reasonable mind if needed. We also discussed numerous practices that you can use to find and "get to know" Wise Mind.

  • Live Replay 3/12/21: DBT Three Minds with Emphasis on Emotion Mind

    Learn about the DBT Three Minds: Emotion Mind, Reasonable Mind, and Wise Mind. This live session also focused on how to shift out of Emotion Mind if needed.

  • Live Replay 3/5/21: Mindfulness Basics

    Learn the basics about mindfulness. We discuss ways that mindfulness can be helpful, "What" and "How" core mindfulness skills, myths about DBT.

  • Chain Analysis in Action Live Replay 3/5/21

    In this video, you can watch a chain analysis done in action. This is a recording from one of our live sessions. Refer to this video if you need help remembering how to do a chain analysis.

  • Live Replay 2/26/21: Problematic Behaviors and Chain Analysis

    Watch this live replay where we discussed dealing with problematic behaviors. We discussed how to understand all of the contributing factors of problematic behaviors and ways to stop the behaviors. We also discussed how to do a behavioral chain analysis to analyze problem behaviors and develop ...

  • Live Replay 2.19.21 Changing How You Feel about Problems and Acceptance

    Watch the replay of the live session where we discussed how to deal with problems by changing how we feel or think about them and by practicing acceptance. We discuss the following topics: Dialectical thinking, making meaning, opposite action, radical acceptance, turning the mind, and willingness.

  • Live Replay 2/5/21 Problem Solving

    Watch this replay of our live session where we discussed problem solving. We started by going though the five ways to solve a problem, and then broke down how to effectively problem solve.

  • Live Replay 1/29/21 Balanced Body for a More Balanced Mind

    Watch the replay from our live session where we discussed the health practices that impact your emotional health the most. We review the DBT PLEASE skills and spent time focusing on how to bring the various elements into balance.

  • Live Replay 1/22/21: Life Balance & Dialectical Dilemmas

    Watch the live video session were we discuss how to create greater life and emotional balance.

  • Live Replay 1/15/21 - Building Positives

    Watch this live replay where we discussed building positives in your life.

  • Live Replay 1/8/21: Goal Development Strategy

    Watch the replay of the Live session from 1/8/21, where we took a deep dive into goal development. We discussed how to create meaningful goals that will improve your life, and how to increase the chances of following through on your goals! Use this video in conjunction with the goal development...

  • Weekly Replay 12/18/20: Coping Ahead & Building Mastery

    Watch the replay from the live where we discussed Coping Ahead (with special attention to holiday coping) and also Building Mastery.

  • Live Replay 12/11/20 - Mindfulness of Emotion/Opposite Action

    Today, we discussed the importance of not always pushing away, or blocking painful emotions. We discussed the use of Mindfulness of Emotion and Opposite Action to deal with emotions in an effective way.

    Refer to the videos on Mindfulness of Emotion and Opposite Action to better understand the...

  • Live Replay 12/4/20 - Cycle of Emotions Discussion

    Watch this replay of the live weekly session. This week, we discussed the model of emotions and how to intervene at certain points in the emotion cycle to reduce unnecessary painful emotions, keep emotions from going on longer, and to deal with the physiological aspects of an emotional experienc...