Weekly Live Replays

Weekly Live Replays

Watch replays of previous weekly live sessions! Live sessions take place every Friday at 12pm EST. Please join us! However, if you can't make it, watch the live here.

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Weekly Live Replays
  • Live Replay 1/15/21 - Building Positives

    Watch this live replay where we discussed building positives in your life.

  • Live Replay 1/8/21: Goal Development Strategy

    Watch the replay of the Live session from 1/8/21, where we took a deep dive into goal development. We discussed how to create meaningful goals that will improve your life, and how to increase the chances of following through on your goals! Use this video in conjunction with the goal development...

  • Weekly Replay 12/18/20: Coping Ahead & Building Mastery

    Watch the replay from the live where we discussed Coping Ahead (with special attention to holiday coping) and also Building Mastery.

  • Live Replay 12/11/20 - Mindfulness of Emotion/Opposite Action

    Today, we discussed the importance of not always pushing away, or blocking painful emotions. We discussed the use of Mindfulness of Emotion and Opposite Action to deal with emotions in an effective way.

    Refer to the videos on Mindfulness of Emotion and Opposite Action to better understand the...

  • Live Replay 12/4/20 - Cycle of Emotions Discussion

    Watch this replay of the live weekly session. This week, we discussed the model of emotions and how to intervene at certain points in the emotion cycle to reduce unnecessary painful emotions, keep emotions from going on longer, and to deal with the physiological aspects of an emotional experienc...

  • Live Replay 11/27 - Discussion about biosocial theory and beliefs about emotion.

    Watch the replay from the Live session that took place on 11/27/20.
    Discussion about emotions: biosocial theory, negative beliefs about emotions, etc.