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Introduction to Jones Mindful Living

Introduction to Jones Mindful Living

Welcome to Jones Mindful Living! Learn about Jones Mindful Living and how it can help you to create more emotional balance, healthy relationships, and a life of meaning and value.

Get started right away to enhance your life by watching the free video on "Five Ways to Create a More Fulfilling Life."

Watch the Guide to Jones Mindful Living for a tour of the platform and how to use the content. Jones Mindful Living has content broken down to various tracks, which will help guide you through balancing emotions, overcoming anxiety, depression, and challenges, improving relationships, and creating a life of meaning and value. In addition, view the Mind & Body track for ways to improve your health and overall wellbeing. Finally, view the DBT Skills track for guidance through the DBT modules.

Introduction to Jones Mindful Living
  • Jones Mindful Living Trailer

    View trailer for Jones Mindful Living. Learn basic information about this platform.

  • FREE Video: How to Navigate Jones Mindful Living

    Watch this overview of the Jones Mindful Living Program to learn more about how to best navigate and get the most out of the program.

  • FREE Video: Welcome Video

    At Jones Mindful Living, we know that you want to experience greater emotional balance, healthy relationships, and a life filled with meaning and value. We help you learn the skills needed to achieve all of those things so that you can create the life you really want to live.

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  • FREE Video! Five Ways to Create More Fulfillment in Your Life

    Free video on Five ways to create a more fulfilling life. Learn practical ways to start today to create a more balanced and enjoyable life for yourself!

  • Introduction to Jones Mindful Living

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    For subscribers: Introduction to the Jones Mindful Living video platform. Receive information about the content of the platform. Learn how to view and utilize the skills.

  • Daily Reflection Worksheet

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    Use this Daily Reflection worksheet to reflect on your skillful behavior, recognize obstacles you overcame, lessons learned, and gratitude. Also track movement towards goals.

  • Tips for Using Jones Mindful Living

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    Read some tips for how to make the most of Jones Mindful Living.

  • Recommended Reading List

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    Recommended reading list for various topics. Complementary to the content of this website.

  • About Dr. Kristin Jones

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    Learn about the founder of Jones Mindful Living, Dr. Kristin Jones.