Problems Solving & Changing Problematic Behaviors

Problems Solving & Changing Problematic Behaviors

Problem solving can be challenging, however, with an effective approach it can be less difficult. Learn ways to problem solve difficult situations and also how to identify and develop a plan to deal with problematic behaviors.

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Problems Solving & Changing Problematic Behaviors
  • 5 Ways to Solve a Problem

  • New! Identifying and Clarifying Problems

    Often we struggle with properly dealing with problems because we have not accurately identified what the problems. Symptoms of the problem are often misidentified as the problems and then people spend too much time focusing on symptom reduction instead of developing a plan to actually resolve th...

  • Understanding Problematic Behaviors: Using a Chain Analysis

    Problematic behaviors can be difficult to understand and frustrating to stop. Part of the reason may be that you may not fully understand all of the factors contributing to the behavior. Learn how to use a Behavioral Chain Analysis to better understand a problematic behavior and develop solutio...

  • Chain Analysis in Action Live Replay 3/5/21

    In this video, you can watch a chain analysis done in action. This is a recording from one of our live sessions. Refer to this video if you need help remembering how to do a chain analysis.

  • Behavioral Chain Analysis Worksheet

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    Use this Behavioral Chain Analysis worksheet to better understand problematic behaviors and develop solutions to prevent the behaviors in the future.

  • Example: Behavioral Chain Analysis Worksheet

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    Use this example for how to use a Behavioral Chain Analysis to better understand problematic behaviors and develop solutions to prevent those behaviors.

  • Problem Solving

    Learn how to problem solve in an effective way. Refer to the "Problem Solving Worksheet" for more guidance.

    Steps for Problem Solving:
    1. Describe the PROBLEM?
    2. CHECK THE FACTS about the situation to make sure you have the right problem. Redefine the problem if needed to align with the fa...

  • Problem Solving Worksheet

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    Use this worksheet to guide you through the process of effective problem solving.

  • Increasing Behaviors that You Want

    Learn how to use reinforcement to increase behaviors that you want more of in yourself and others. Learn positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and shaping.

    Positive Reinforcement: Something rewarding is added when a behavior occurs, which increases the likelihood that the behavior wi...

  • Decreasing Unwanted Behaviors

    Learn how to use behaviorism principles to decrease unwanted behaviors in yourself and others.

  • New! Urge Management: 15 Minute Rule

    Stop acting on urges that lead to negative consequences! This video provides you with a simple strategy that you can use if you struggle with acting on urges. Use the handout for a quick reference!

  • Urge Management Handout

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  • Urge Surfing

    Watch this video to learn a DBT technique called Urge Surfing. It is the mindfulness practice of riding the wave of your urge without acting on it. With time, your brain will begin to recognize that you can experience and urge with out needing to act on it.