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Basics about Emotions

Basics about Emotions

Gain a basic understanding of emotions and how they work. Develop healthier beliefs about emotions.

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Basics about Emotions
  • Emotions

    Learn all about emotions! Understand what is good about emotions and how to develop a healthier relationship to your emotions.

  • Positive Self Statements Handout

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    List of positive affirmations about emotions.

  • Biosocial Theory: Why Some People Struggle with Emotions

    Learn about the DBT Biosocial Theory, which explains why some people struggle with difficulties regulating emotions.

  • The Importance of Self-Validation

    Telling yourself, "don't feel sad," doesn't change that you are feeling sad. Learning how to validate and hold compassionate space for your emotions is a much more effective (and kind) approach. Self-validation helps your the emotional part of your brain to begin to quiet so that you can then m...

  • Primary Emotions

    Learn about the primary emotions and the ways that we experience emotions.

  • Awareness of Emotion Handout

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    Develop greater awareness of your emotions and the accompanying action urges to be able to achieve better emotion regulation.

  • Model of Emotion

    Learn the general way that emotions work. Learn things that keep emotions around for a long time and behaviors that reactivate emotions.

  • Model of Emotion Handout

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    Handout on the basic model of how emotions work. Vulnerability factors, prompting events, interpretation, emotion expression, emotion experiencing, and after effects.

  • Common Thinking Mistakes

    This video describes numerous common thinking patterns that can increase negative emotion and make life more difficult to handle.

  • Finding Balance: Dialectics

    Learn how to use dialectical thinking to create greater balance in your life and improve relationships. From "DBT Skills .