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Yoga Emotional Health Collection

Yoga Emotional Health Collection

View yoga practices to enhance your balance your mind and body.

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Yoga Emotional Health Collection
  • Introduction to Yoga

    Informative video about the benefits of yoga and principles to keep in mind when you practice yoga.

  • Yoga for Sleep and Relaxation

    Yoga practice to help your body and mind to relax and unwind.

  • Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

    Use this yoga practice to help your nervous system to settle and to let go of stress.

  • Yoga for Positive Body Image

    Use this yoga practice to practice acceptance, nonjudgement, and love for your body.

  • Positive Body Affirmations

    200 KB

    Refer to these positive body affirmations to develop a better relationship with your body.

  • Yoga for Inner Strength and Confidence

    True inner strength in confidence is a balance of strength with flexibility. We need to experience a solid and strong foundation to support us and also enough softness and flexibility to bend and adapt as needed in body, mind, and life.