PLEASE Skills: Wellness for a Balanced Mind

PLEASE Skills: Wellness for a Balanced Mind

Our health has a profound impact on our emotional balance. Learning how to create greater balance with our health practices can help to reduce our vulnerability to emotion mind.

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PLEASE Skills: Wellness for a Balanced Mind
  • PLEASE Skills: Balanced Body for a Balanced Mind

    Learn the very important DBT PLEASE skills. Learn how physical health, nutrition, sleep, refraining from mood-altering substances, and balanced exercise are essential for maintaining balanced mood.

  • Balanced Health Practices Chart

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    Observe if you are following some basic balanced health practices. Develop a plan for increasing balanced health practices.

  • Enhanced Sleep

    Learn ways to improve sleep and make it easier to fall asleep.

  • New! Dealing with Nightmares

  • Exercise for Balanced Mind and Body

    Learn how exercise can improve your emotional health and wellbeing. Learn how to develop an active lifestyle that is sustainable and life enhancing.

  • Mindfulness with Food

    Learn how to identify hunger and fullness signals to be able to listen to an accurately respond to what your body is telling you regarding needs for nutrition. Use mindfulness while eating to enhance enjoyment of food and also to listen to the needs of your body.

  • New! Making Peace with Food: Interview with Dalit Szkolnik

    Watch this interview with registered dietician, Dalit Szkolnik, as she shares ways to stop the dieting rollercoaster and develop a more balanced approach to food. Learn about intuitive eating and how it can help you to create greater freedom and balance in your life.

    For information about Dal...

  • New! Reducing Emotional Eating: Interview with Dietician, Dalit Szkolnik

    When you find yourself feeling emotional or unsettled, do you tend to reach for food? If that’s the case, you are not alone and it is a very natural way to soothe! In fact, it was our first experience of soothing when we were infants. And while reaching for food to soothe is rather natural, it c...

  • Body Image Interview with Cristina Oliver

    Watch this interview with Cristina Oliver, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and body image expert. Learn learn information and tips on how to improve body image.

  • Positive Body Affirmations

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    Refer to these positive body affirmations to develop a better relationship with your body.