Dealing with Loss

Dealing with Loss

Do you struggle with loss? Learn ways to process through the loss to be able to heal and move forward in your life.

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Dealing with Loss
  • New Video! Dealing with Loss - Part One

    Are you struggling with loss? Loss may be due to death, end of relationship, loss of job, pregnancy loss, moving, or major changes. Many people get "stuck" in their grief due to acting with avoidance and not accepting the reality of the loss. Learn how journaling and practicing acceptance can ...

  • New Video! Dealing with Loss - Part Two

    Learn the three steps to healing loss.

  • Reducing Emotional Suffering: Mindfulness of Emotion

    Learn how to reduce emotional suffering by allowing yourself to ride the wave of your emotion. Learn how to observe your emotion nonjudgmental as well as respect and love your emotion. In doing so, you will allow the emotion to complete its process and will help you to avoid issues that arise d...

  • Accepting Reality

    Learn how to reduce emotional suffering by accepting your reality. Radical acceptance allows us to accept the reality that you are in instead of the reality you wish you were in. Doing this allows you to act effectively according to your reality. Based on DBT Skill of Radical Acceptance.

  • Accepting Reality through the Body

    Learn ways that your body can communicate to your mind in order to create greater acceptance and to reduce emotional suffering. Learn the helpful DBT Skills of half-smile and willing hands.

  • Radical Acceptance Meditation

    This meditation may be helpful if you find yourself getting stuck in thinking something is unfair, not right, or shouldn't be that way. Use this Radical Acceptance Meditation to help you move towards accepting your reality and practicing willingness to do what's needed in your reality. When we ...