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Core Mindfulness Skills

Core Mindfulness Skills

Learn the core mindfulness skills from DBT. Learn "What" you do in mindfulness and "How" you do it.

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Core Mindfulness Skills
  • Introduction to Mindfulness

    Basic introduction to Mindfulness. Learn ways that it can be helpful in your life.

  • Wise Mind

    Learn how to find Wise Mind from DBT. Learn to recognize when you are Reasonable Mind and Emotion Mind as well.

  • "What" Mindfulness Skills

    Learn the "What" skills of mindfulness: Observe, Describe, Participate.

  • Ideas for Mindfulness: "What" Skills

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    View a list of mindfulness practice ideas for practicing observe, describe, and participate.

  • Daily Mindfulness Journal

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    Track your mindfulness to stay accountable to your practice and also to record your observations during practice.

  • "How" Mindfulness Skills

    Learn how to practice mindfulness with the the DBT "How" skills: One-Mindfully, Non-judgmental Stance, Effectively.

  • Loving Kindness Instructional Video

    Loving kindness is a mindfulness practice that can help to increase compassion of love your yourself and others. It can protect us and also help to keep us from holding onto judgmental and ill will towards ourselves and others. When practiced regularly, loving kindness practice can improve mood...

  • New Video! Doing Mind vs Being Mind

    Doing Mind and Being Mind are ways that we describe different mind states in DBT. Learn about how to identify these two states of mind as well as Wise Mind and better understand the importance of balancing these mind states.

  • Mindfulness in Life

    Learn how to bring mindfulness into your everyday life.