Life Mastery and Goals

Life Mastery and Goals

DBT Skills to move towards your goals and values in life. Create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Increase positives in the short term and long term. Learn how to increase and decrease behavior in yourself and others.

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Life Mastery and Goals
  • Finding Balance: Dialectical Dilemmas

    Dialectical dilemmas are areas in our lives where we may fall into unbalanced ways of doing things. Learn to recognize unbalanced behavior and increase balance.

  • Finding Life Balance Worksheet

    101 KB

    Recognize different areas that where you may be living out of balance. Make a plan for how to create greater balance to enhance your life.

  • Building Mastery and Coping Ahead

    Learn the DBT Skills of Building Mastery and Coping Ahead. Build competence by doing things to increase mastery. Learn to cope ahead for difficult situations to be able to be prepared to act effectively.

  • Accumulating Positive Emotions in the Short Term

    Learn how to increase positive emotions in the short term. Part of the DBT Skills ABC PLEASE.

  • Pleasurable Activities List

    656 KB

    List of pleasurable activities to help increase positive emotions in the short term.

  • Accumulating Positive Emotions in the Long Term

    Learn how to create positive emotions in the long term by understanding your values and working towards goals based on your values.

  • Values Inventory Worksheet

    213 KB

    Worksheet to help you to identify personal values and to assess how much you are living according to those values.

  • Examples of Values Handout

    174 KB

    This worksheet provides examples of values for numerous categories. Can be used in conjunction with the Values Inventory PDF.

  • Bulls Eye Values Worksheet

    69.8 KB

    Use this worksheet to assess the extent to which you are living according to your values.

  • Goal Development

    Learn to develop goals and increase likelihood of achieving those goals.

  • Goal Setting Worksheet

    251 KB

    Worksheet to guide you through developing goals based on your values.

  • Using Your Strengths

    Recognizing and using your strengths is a great way to move your life in positive directions. Watch this video to be guided in how to recognize your strengths and use them in your journey towards creating the life you want to live.

  • New! Meaningful Morning Routine: Increase Life Fulfillment

    Creating a morning routine that priorities something that is meaningful to you is a simple way that you can increase your overall life fulfillment. Watch this video to learn more!

  • Increasing Behaviors that You Want

    Learn how to use reinforcement to increase behaviors that you want more of in yourself and others. Learn positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and shaping.

    Positive Reinforcement: Something rewarding is added when a behavior occurs, which increases the likelihood that the behavior wi...

  • Decreasing Unwanted Behaviors

    Learn how to use behaviorism principles to decrease unwanted behaviors in yourself and others.