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Day 2 - Values

Day 2 - Values

Today, let's start to work at increasing positives in the long term. You will start by identifying your values. Your values are the things that really matter the most to you. You will then identify which values are most important to you and how much you are living in line with those core values. This exercise is a critical first step for effective goal development.

Day 2 - Values
  • Jumpstart Day 2 Intro: Values

    Contemplate what matters the most to you. Living according to those values helps to create our most fulfilling lives.

  • Increasing Positive Emotions in the Long Term

    Learn how to create positive emotions in the long term by understanding your values and working towards goals based on your values.

  • Jumpstart Day 2 Plan

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  • Examples of Values Handout

    174 KB

    This worksheet provides examples of values for numerous categories. Can be used in conjunction with the Values Inventory PDF.

  • Values Inventory Worksheet

    213 KB

    Worksheet to help you to identify personal values and to assess how much you are living according to those values.