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Newly Released Content

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Newly Released Content
  • DBT Skills for Trauma: Interview with Dr. Lindsey Karns

    Watch this very informative interview with trauma expert and clinical psychologist, Dr. Lyndsey Karns. Dr. Karns shares with us information about trauma and some very important DBT Skills that you can use to deal with trauma triggers when they arise in life.

    Skills discussed to help with symp...

  • Healing Trauma through the Body, Interview with Inge Sengelmann, LCSW, SEP, RYT

    Watch this incredibly informative video to learn about why tuning into the body is essential for healing trauma. Inge Sengelmann, a somatic experiencing practitioner, DBT therapist, clinical social worker, and registered yoga teacher, shares information about how trauma impacts the body and nerv...

  • Bulls Eye Values Worksheet

    69.8 KB

    Use this worksheet to assess the extent to which you are living according to your values.

  • Thinking Mistakes Handout

    88.3 KB

    In this handout you'll find some common thinking mistakes, which can lead to misinterpreting situations and experiencing painful emotions. Try to notice (nonjudgmentally) when use one of these thinking mistakes and see if you can come up with a new dialectical thought in its place.

  • Biosocial Theory Handout

    350 KB

    Learn how biology and environment interact, and may lead to some people struggling with intense emotions.

  • Urge Surfing

    Watch this video to learn a DBT technique called Urge Surfing. It is the mindfulness practice of riding the wave of your urge without acting on it. With time, your brain will begin to recognize that you can experience and urge with out needing to act on it.

  • New! Urge Management: 15 Minute Rule

    Stop acting on urges that lead to negative consequences! This video provides you with a simple strategy that you can use if you struggle with acting on urges. Use the handout for a quick reference!

  • Urge Management Handout

    183 KB

  • New! Making Peace with Food: Interview with Dalit Szkolnik

    Watch this interview with registered dietician, Dalit Szkolnik, as she shares ways to stop the dieting rollercoaster and develop a more balanced approach to food. Learn about intuitive eating and how it can help you to create greater freedom and balance in your life.

    For information about Dal...

  • New! Movement Meditation

    Want to try to experience more mindfulness in your body? Or, do you experience difficulty with still meditation? If so, try out this movement meditation. Connecting to our body through movement can be a great way to stay present and practice mindfulness. This brief and simple movement meditatio...

  • New! Reducing Emotional Eating: Interview with Dietician, Dalit Szkolnik

    When you find yourself feeling emotional or unsettled, do you tend to reach for food? If that’s the case, you are not alone and it is a very natural way to soothe! In fact, it was our first experience of soothing when we were infants. And while reaching for food to soothe is rather natural, it c...

  • New! Meaningful Morning Routine: Increase Life Fulfillment

    Creating a morning routine that priorities something that is meaningful to you is a simple way that you can increase your overall life fulfillment. Watch this video to learn more!

  • New Video! Doing Mind vs Being Mind

    Doing Mind and Being Mind are ways that we describe different mind states in DBT. Learn about how to identify these two states of mind as well as Wise Mind and better understand the importance of balancing these mind states.

  • New! Self-Esteem Building Meditation

    Listen to this mindfulness meditation to help boost self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love. Use this practice regularly to continue to improve the relationship with yourself.

  • New! Setting Limits and Assertiveness with Others to Build Self-Esteem

    Often, people with low self-esteem have difficult setting healthy limits, being assertive, and prioritizing themselves. Watch this video to learn how to improve self-esteem and self-respect by being more assertive and setting limits with others. Learn how to use the DBT Skill of Opposite Action t...

  • New! Improving Interactions through Social Signaling

    Learn how you can improve interpersonal interactions through social signaling! Important RO-DBT skills to improve connections with others! Video by Alma Lovaton Quagliato, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Check out the About page on for information about Alma!

  • New! Self-Practices to Build Self-Esteem

    Building Self-Esteem by how you talk to yourself and relate to yourself.

    How is the relationship with yourself? Are you a friend or foe to yourself? Want to feel more confident and improve the relationship with yourself? The way we feel about and treat ourselves can have a profound impact on ...