Day 7: Accountability

Day 7: Accountability

Create a timeline and plan for accountability to implement your goals.

Day 7: Accountability
  • Jumpstart Day 7 Intro

  • Increasing Behaviors that You Want

    Learn how to use reinforcement to increase behaviors that you want more of in yourself and others. Learn positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and shaping.

    Positive Reinforcement: Something rewarding is added when a behavior occurs, which increases the likelihood that the behavior wi...

  • Decreasing Unwanted Behaviors

    Learn how to use behaviorism principles to decrease unwanted behaviors in yourself and others.

  • Building Mastery and Coping Ahead

    Learn the DBT Skills of Building Mastery and Coping Ahead. Build competence by doing things to increase mastery. Learn to cope ahead for difficult situations to be able to be prepared to act effectively.

  • Jumpstart Day 7 Plan

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  • 2020 Calendar

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    Use this calendar to create a plan for implementing your jumpstart goals.

  • 2020 Calendar Simple

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    Use this calendar to map our the start dates for your Jumpstart plan.